Indigo aircraft made an emergency landing for the second time in a week on Saturday. To avert a major accident, the Indigo flight from Delhi to Ranchi returned to Delhi on Saturday due to a momentary technical caution, said Indigo Airlines on Saturday. A similar incident took place on Thursday when Indigo flight had to make an emergency landing in Patna.

“IndiGo flight 6E 2172 operating from Delhi to Ranchi returned to Delhi today as a precaution due to a momentary technical caution,” says the airline company, reported ANI.

On Thursday, IndiGo flight 6E 2433 had to made an emergency landing in Bihar’s Patna airport because of some technical issue. Emergency landing was made after the plane reported one engine as inoperative minutes after taking off from Delhi. Due to the technical reason, the aircraft landed safely around 9 am in Jharkhand.

Since the incident, the airport continued to function normally. Moreover, all the passengers safely reached to their destination on a separate flight.



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