Deepinder Goyal, founder of online food delivery platform Zomato said on Wednesday that Zomato has started rolling out delivery bags with “hotline phone number” to report rash driving by its delivery partners.


In August at the company’s annual general meeting, Deepinder Goyal had said that Zomato would put a phone number on the bags of its delivery partners for people to call and report if any one of them were found to be speeding.

“As promised earlier, we have started rolling out delivery bags which mention a hotline phone number to report rash driving by our delivery partners,” Deepinder Goyal said in a post on Twitter.

He further asserted, “Please remember – we don’t incentivise our delivery partners for on-time deliveries, nor do we penalise them for late ones. We don’t even tell them what the estimated delivery time is – if someone is speeding, it is of their own accord. Please help us make the traffic on our roads saner.”

When Zomato announced plans to start instant 10-minute delivery in March this year, it had faced criticism from different quarters over road safety of its delivery partners and possibility of pressure put on them to meet the deadline.

Goyal had, however, said the company was not putting any pressure on its delivery partners to deliver food faster but would achieve the target by relying on a dense finishing stations’ network, located in close proximity to high-demand customer neighbourhoods.

On safety of delivery partners, he said it has always been a priority for Zomato and “no compromises have been or will be made here”, while also asserting that the platform does not incentivise riders to be on time.

Online food delivery platform Zomato has decided to narrow its focus on three key areas of food ordering and delivery; supplies to restaurants through ‘Hyperpure’ and quick commerce, company Chairman Kaushik Dutta said on earlier in August.

In his address to shareholders at the company’s annual general meeting, Dutta said the move was part of strategy to focus “only on areas that have the potential to become meaningfully large businesses ten years from now”.



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